A true Christian

What does it really mean, to be a “true” Christian?

I believe I’am a true Christian but I find myself still struggling daily with living true.

I also believe that the more you trust in God the more Satan tries to pull you into his deep dark pit of ever burning fire.

Lately Satan has dug his claws so deep in me that it feels I will never break free.

God does things on his time not ours. I feel that I’m being tested. Not sure why but the pressure is real.

I will never stop praying or fighting Satan because I know deep in my heart it’s all in Gods plan.

Fighting Satan is the not hard part, being a true Christian is.

I’m a real person with real problems and someday the reward will out weight the daily risks I take being a “true” Christian.

God bless all of you, don’t ever stop fighting the good fight


The Big Picture

You’ve tried for us, you’ve cried for us, for heaven’s sake you’ve died for us.

You’ve healed the sick without looking for thanks. For all of our sins, you are getting no thanks.

I think it’s time we look at the big picture and except the fact, we are all sinners.

Your death to me has not been unnoticed. I whole heartedly believe I will see you once my soul has departed.

Not a day goes by without Your love filling my heart. You are the King and the Saviour of earth, in my eyes and heart You will always come first.

I know I’m not worthy of Your undying love. Please Lord please hear my prayers from way up above.

Jesus, I ask to be forgiven for all of my “sorrys”. I want to be happy, in Your almighty glory.

Open Skies

As you sit on your throne, looking down from above. You ask yourself do they feel my love.

Some will say yes and some will say no. Open the skies and show them your glow.

Everyone has believes, which differ no doubt. The non-believer needs to see what loves all about.

Opinions will change on the topic of God. The one thing we share though is the Almightys love.

People ask me “where do you stand?”. My answer is simple, God is my saviour. He’s the man of all men.

Pray your heart out, your dreams might just come true. Jesus Christ died for us all, not just me or just you.

Souls Saved

Creeping in the shadows, he comes at you from behind.        Trying to over power and sink deep inside your mind.

He never gives up going after your soul, stay true to your faith and your heart will stay whole.

The pain and the struggle on your journey is real, God and His word is all you will feel.

Heaven awaits you and family who cares. Sometimes life stinks and dyings unfair.

Live pure and follow His teachings and have no more fear.

The Price

Today is the day, we remember the fallen. Many a widow lay alone, if you listen you can still hear them balling.

The smoke has stopped and the air is now clear. Why is it then, that we still live in fear ?

All the wars and reckless fighting has not seemed to cease, for our brothers who breathed their last breaths falling down to their knees.

Our children should know the cost paid by the brave. Meanwhile the enemy is running and hiding in caves.

Today we remember all though we weren’t there. We should always remember the cost paid by the soldiers, and how its not fair.

Rest in peace dear soldiers your all hero’s to me. I will never forget what you did, so that I can live free.