Back bone

They say life only throws your way what you are able to handle.
I’ve been knocked down so many times, but I take it like a man though.

I’m a small person with shoulders so large. dust my hands off and take complete charge.

I get scared and worry I’ll fail, but I face it head on without tucking tail.

l own my own choices and that is my tale. I keep my head up and my heart does prevail.

It’s never been easy and never will be. With the backbone I have I’m glad that I’m me.

One thought on “Back bone

  1. I often feel like I am over my head. I wonder why God has given me so much to handle. But then….. hours, days, weeks, months and even years later, I find out why, because He loves me and wants me to ask Him to walk along side of me. When I do, He reveals to me the purpose. It was to trust and rely on Him. Why is it that we forget to lean on Him?


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