A true Christian

What does it really mean, to be a “true” Christian?

I believe I’am a true Christian but I find myself still struggling daily with living true.

I also believe that the more you trust in God the more Satan tries to pull you into his deep dark pit of ever burning fire.

Lately Satan has dug his claws so deep in me that it feels I will never break free.

God does things on his time not ours. I feel that I’m being tested. Not sure why but the pressure is real.

I will never stop praying or fighting Satan because I know deep in my heart it’s all in Gods plan.

Fighting Satan is the not hard part, being a true Christian is.

I’m a real person with real problems and someday the reward will out weight the daily risks I take being a “true” Christian.

God bless all of you, don’t ever stop fighting the good fight

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