The Window

As I stand outside my pasts window with clear eyes now looking in.

I’m proud I can say I’ve cut down on my worldly sin.

A long way to go to perfection I know.

I’m proud and I’m humbled as I continue to grow.

I will never be perfect, and to me that’s ok, as long as I continue to gain and praise God when I pray.

The windows reflection is dark from my past.

I pray daily for the light to shine bright through the glass.

Someday I will see right through that dark tempered glass,as I move forward in life and leave behind my dark past.

Greener Grass

When all you can see is the green green grass of home.
You will more than likely be left standing, and feeling so all alone.
Some people say the grass is always greener on the other side.
I tried, tasted and felt it. All I experienced was a stagger in my stride.
At the beginning its bright and all full of hope, like a broken beat down boxer, your leaning up tired against the ropes.
Like a great story there’s beginning, middle and end. Stay where your at with your your loving family and friends.
All though at times it looks better and sounds like a dream.
You’ll be left standing alone and stuck in between.
God knows what he’s doing so trust in his plan. Do what he tells you, I know that you can.

Sea of Love

The seas of love are rough. To get to calm waters it gonna be tough.

The waters are dark, deep and cold. True love will follow you, until your old.

The things you will see, will light up your face. There’s stuff unseen, and unheard of in the seas wide open space.

You have to do it together, you can’t go it alone. Ride outthe rough waters as one, all the way home.