Harmonic Love

As angels sing in harmony, you know it’s for you and me. Our saviour was born and died on the cross for all of humanity.

The reason we believe, has been forgotten. We still carry on like as if it was nothing.

You hand out acts of kindness without expecting a single thing. We should all share the love, while abiding by our King.

Through the years so much has changed. If you really stop and listen, the angels for you sing.

Share your full heart with desperate, lonely people in need. Don’t get caught up and become consumed with all of Lucifer greed.



The darkness surrounds me with the shadows of death, I look up above as I take a deep breath.

My heart stays pure as it rapidly beats in my chest, knowing God will protect me as Satan refuses to rest.

Gone are the days where I fall into his pit, my heart is all God’s so I know I won’t quit.

Satan’s pulled and He’s pulled, I will not give in. When Jesus died on the Cross, with Him He took all my sins.

In the past I sure struggled, but I never gave up, knowing my heart was covered with the Almighty’s love.

Poker Life

Living life’s like a good game of poker, all you need is a good hand and you go all in. Bluffing or cheating, puts you right in the bin.

A good hand gives you riches beyond your control, but a bad hand puts you right down in the hole.

You work, and you work, but you’ll never get out. Turn luck around and see what life’s all about.

Pretty girls, fast cars and money non stop. You feel like life has you living on top.

Not everyone is lucky to be dealt a good hand, but play your cards right and you will be the man.

You don’t need material things, to truly be happy, play your cards right and you’ll always be laughing.

From poker to life, it’s always the same, handle it wrong and it’s you who’s to blame.

The forgotten Cross

The forgotten cross, isn’t one of shame.   As a matter of fact we are all to blame.

Christ was nailed to it, wearing a crown of thorns. He did it for us so our hearts would stay warm.

As time came to pass, we lost track of His sight.                                                           Hatred, war and Religious debates came to light.

The cross is a symbol for us all to love.    Be thankful for all the blood on the cross.                                                                We will hear our Saviours story, when we go home up above.