Today there won’t be a poem. Today marks the 8th year of a very unfortunate time in my life. Today changed my outlook on life in ALOT of ways. Bitter Sweet to say the least. All the things I do and post revolve around October 26. As time goes on I will reveal all the things that is or has happened in my walk to God. My goal is to have my story out for you all to read by today’s date 2021. Thanks for your patience and may God bless you all.


The Devils Tears

I’ve seen the world through broken eyes. The Devil made me do it, was my compromise.

I followed Satan’s path for for many a years, in the end all I got was a fist full of tears.

I’ve tried and tried to have his hold released. All while searching for my inner peace.

I’ve done bad things and great things, which most of us have, as I look back now its all in the past.

The futures unknown but don’t be to scared, believe in our God and you’ll have no more fear.

I gave my heart, my soul, my love all I ask in return, is to go up above once my time is up.

The choices you make are all up to you. Myself however, I’m with God through and through.

Remember believers this one’s for you. For whatever you choose let thy own self be true.


We are all possessions one way or another, from your boss at work up to our Heavenly Father.

The things we own and take for granted, we just need to live how our good Lord planned it.

Don’t be greedy, despiteful or hateful. With each breath you take, always be grateful.

You will Always want more than you already have.

Just remember when it’s time to depart, all you belongings stay… take a deep breath and continue to pray.

If possessions you think are what your looking for, never forget you alone are a possession to our Lord.

He loves you so much, He needs us to come home. So think about that before you are standing alone.

99 for 1

  Weather your a black sheep or even the unfortunate lost sheep.

  Never give up hope, God is looking down upon you.

  Heaven’s just a breath away, where your soul will always be new.

   It seems the harder you try to be at the center,
  God sees you trying when all Satan wants is a sinner.

  Never stop looking or forbid even trying God’s all around us, for our sins are covered by His Son for us dying.

  The ends not the part that you think is the worst.
  It’s this life and temptation that is our failing curse.

Soul Searching

Creeping in the shadows he comes at you from behind. Trying to over power and sink deep inside your mind.

He never gives up going after your soul, stay true to your faith and your heart will stay whole.

The pain and the struggle on your journey is real. God and his word is all you will feel.

Heaven awaits you and family who cares.The souls you did life with are with God. So live pure and follow His teachings and have no more fear. 

Satan’s sin

Only God knows where I’m going and Satan knows where I’ve been.

In my search for heaven’s glory all I seem to find is sin.

My focus stays on God above while my eyes look up at Him.

The mountains I’ve climbed while looking for grace always seems to end with me flat on my face.

The more Satan pulls trying to win me God just smiles knowing I’m in Him and He’s in me.